I have someone staying with me. He isn’t paying me any rent. So he is helping me clean. I was having him scrub the floor while I supervised. I constantly noticed that he was missing spots So I got on my hands and knees and started scrubbing. He doesn’t work to my high standards. So I feel I need to give him some leeway. The kitchen is going to get GI’d though. This means that it is going to be to my high military standard. That is going to me an arduous night for sure.

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Portland-Pride 2011

I went to the parade on Sunday June 19th, 2011. I took 377 photos while watching the parade. But I am paying for all the walking I did on Sunday. I parked my van a few blocks from where the parade started. Then as I walked to the Pride Venue I found it was a 3/4 mile to the entrance with the shortest like. Being disabled I was able to skirt my way in with out needing to stand in line.The parade and the venue were very well run this year. I think I can count on being there next year.

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Love in a stilted relationship

Lance, my SO doesn’t want to be micro managed. I don’t like to be left alone. This is a huge conflict in this relationship. I try and try to leave him plenty of space. He tends to stay a go with me every where I go. I don’t force him. So what do I do about it. I got angry with him this evening and he threw it right back in my face. I asked him if he wanted to move out and says he doesn’t know. Well I need him to crap or get off the pot. I do much feel that I am in limbo, hanging from a ragged thread. Time for me to get some MH help.

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Time in the hopital…

Lance just spent the last 10 days in the hospital. I was there the whole time with him. Subsequently I am feeling run down. It doesn’t help that I am very empathic. Lance got out of the hospital about 16:00 hours. By 19:00 I was in the ER myself for chest pains. Fortunately I am alright.

Lance has been back in the hospital for a couple of days with hard breathing. He tends to overwork himself. But when I do work I do the same thing.

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Pain Management

I am now taking morphine for my pain management along with Tizanadine. That equated to two powerful drugs to help calm the pain in my body. But over the long term how are these medications interact with all the other meds that I am on. Only time will tell.

In the other main piece of my life my partner has yet another ongoing infection in his leg. We had to go to the ER once again to get this taken care of. After a bag of Vancomycin and 10mg of Daladid he was able to make it home feeling a little bit better. The question is how are we going to handle this over the long term?

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We live in “Interesting” times

What with war and terrorism this world is getting more dangerous by the minute. Or is that a fact? We certainly live in a connected world where information can spread like wild fire. A bombing in Moscow today and we knew it within moments because of the Internet and Satellite Telephones. But how could we know for certain that the information we get from the Internet. We really can’t even know where people are when they can hide their IP address and hack places without much knowledge at all. We need to verify information more assiduously. Take the time to get it right. Even the National New people get things wrong because they are moving so fast. It takes time.

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Thank you for the Welcome

Hi there, my name is Chrissy Michelle! I am new to I am unsure what to write here as this is new to me. So a little bit about me…

I am a Photographer, Musician, Artist, Martial Artist, (Karate),  a Writer of short stories. I spent 20 years of my life so far working in the telecommunication industry fixing business telephone systems. I am a great troubleshooter. I also build computers for fun. Friends and family come to me to fix their pc’s.  I enjoy being a creative person. I am center brained and think and work with both sides of my brain. This allows me to create beautiful images with my camera. I would enjoy some comments to my blog here. I have a website already at: Feel free to comment on what you see there. An artist always needs feedback.

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