Love in a stilted relationship

Lance, my SO doesn’t want to be micro managed. I don’t like to be left alone. This is a huge conflict in this relationship. I try and try to leave him plenty of space. He tends to stay a go with me every where I go. I don’t force him. So what do I do about it. I got angry with him this evening and he threw it right back in my face. I asked him if he wanted to move out and says he doesn’t know. Well I need him to crap or get off the pot. I do much feel that I am in limbo, hanging from a ragged thread. Time for me to get some MH help.


About cayenne4605

I am a photographer and musician. I also play all the brass instruments that are played in an orchestra. I own Cayenne Photos
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  1. bookmɑrked!!, I like your ѕіte!

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