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  1. The life of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.

    What does it feel like living on an emotional roller-coaster all the time; day-in and day-out? I can say for sure that when it gets difficult it gets really difficult. I have been living with this situation for most of my life. The Military made it worse. One of my triggers is stress. Good stress, bad stress, any stress can trigger someone like me. It doesn’t help that on top of that I have PTSD from my childhood and life’s other struggles. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is one path to learning how to cope with the day to day issues that pop up. Also know as DBT it is a group of learning tools to enable a person with BPD and PTSD learn how to better manage the lives they lead. And so this is where I derive the skills I need to survive each day and succeed all of the time. Medication also has a large part to play in this world that we live. I am on Zoloft and Abilify at this time and they help a great deal with the ups and down making them more manageable. But it must be said that pills are not a magic bullet. They are but another tool to help in the management of your day-to-day existence. Then there is your support network. Parents and close friends with a therapist and psychiatrist are an integral part of this group support system. Outside group support can also be a crucial part of your support network. As I write this additional parts to this post I am feeling unstable myself. Due to the configuration of my office right now. I have a large piece of plywood in my office to replace my floor for my office chair. This in turn makes it extremely difficult for my husband to manage my meds. You need to continue taking your meds on a regular basis in order for them to be effective. NAMI is a great organization for group interaction. In most metropolitan cities you can find NAMI and a great number of them have Connection Groups. That is where anyone with a mental health issue, diagnosed or not can find support and learn ways to cope with the stressors that occur from day-to-day.

    I wish you all wellness and successful management of your symptoms. Happy New Year 2015!


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